Nite Time Decor is the world’s leading provider of low-voltage landscape lighting products, information, training and support! We’ve been helping contractors effectively build a landscape lighting division within their companies since 1998.

We started as a landscape company in Lubbock, Texas in 1986. We know—first-hand—the challenges contractors face in running their businesses, learning about and building service divisions, managing client relationships and selecting vendors. All of our experience has been beneficial in how we’ve built our company—giving contractors the information and products they want and need.

Nite Time Decor started out as a franchise company in 1998. We transitioned out of the franchise model in 2012 but still have the training, pricing systems, business tools, and products to share with contractors who use our private-label line of landscape lighting products. Our focus has always been on creating easy-to-use SYSTEMS to help the contractor learn the landscape lighting business EFFICIENTLY, with the ability to go out and design, install and maintain lighting systems at a professional level.

Contractors who choose to join our network and use our products have access to all of our systems, tools, and training.

Nite Time Decor landscape lighting fixtures and transformers feature a LIFETIME WARRANTY. We warranty LED bulbs for 5 years. We know that durable, contractor-grade products are key to installing systems that operate without service issues. Plus, we go STRAIGHT TO THE FACTORY, so you get the best pricing in the industry.

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